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Body Waxing

Prior to all body waxing services, please shower & lightly exfoliate at home. Trim hairs to about 1/4inch (about size of a a grain of rice), not too short or more tweezing may be required, & not left too long for the wax to preform best with less tangles & discomfort. Allow at least a week to ten days after last shaving. Some clients choose to take Advil about an hour before to lessen any discomfort. Also it is best to avoid caffeine prior to your appointment. If you’re pain tolerance is low, you may consider using a numbing cream about an hour before your service that you can purchase at most Pharmacies. If you use tanning beds (or the skin area desired to be waxed has been in direct sunlight for a long period of time) you must allow at least 48hrs between tanning & waxing or there is a high risk of skin tearing &/or burning.

Please see our required Covid safety protocols on our Home page.

Brazilian $60

French Bikini $45

Bikini Line $30

Buttocks $35

Back (lower or upper) $40

Full Back $60

Chest $35

Stomach $45

Shoulders $30

Underarms $20

Half Arms $25

Full Arms $40

Half Legs $35

Full Legs $65


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 604-534-4511, or you may BOOK ONLINE